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Chris Ormston: Time Out of Mind

Chris Ormston: Time Out of Mind (Kyloe 103)

Time Out of Mind
Northumbrian small pipe tunes played by
Chris Ormston

Kyloe Records Kyloe 103 (CD, UK, 2003)

Produced by Mike Yates;
Recorded by Ally at Mill Studio, Alnwick, Northumberland in 2002-03;
Front cover design and notes by Chris Ormston


Chris Ormston: Northumbrian small pipes;
Stewart Hardy: fiddle;
Hazel Bullock: flute


  1. I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me (2.57)
  2. Coilsfield House (2.56)
  3. A Dog’s Life (2.51)
  4. Owen Hackett’s Jig / St.Cuthbert Crossing the Rhine (2.20)
  5. Miss Crawford / Miss Maydell Armstrong (3.49)
  6. A Fig for a Kiss / New Road to Tynemouth (3.15)
  7. All the Night I Lay with Jockey (1.23)
  8. The Lark in the Morning / Bobby Robson’s Rant (3.14)
  9. Keening in the Wind (2.11)
  10. Bigg Market Lasses (4.03)
  11. Bonny Woodside (4.14)
  12. Woo’d and Married and ’aa / Four Bare Legs Together / The Lad wi’ the Trousers On/ The New Way of Getting Bairns (5.40)
  13. Dove Crag (2.50)
  14. O Little Wat Ye Wha’s Coming (3.09)
  15. Memories / Father o’Flynn (2.34)
  16. Noble Squire Dacre Came Over the Border / Jemmy’s Wallet’s Stolen (3.03)
  17. Morpeth Lassies / Ha’d the Lass till I Win at Her (3.33)
  18. Holy Ha’penny (2.06)
  19. The Flower of the Quern (3.31)

All tracks trad. arr. Chris Ormston except
Track 2 Neil Gow arr. Chris Ormston;
Tracks 3, 4b, 8b Chris Ormston;
Track 4a Owen Hackett arr. Chris Ormston;
Tracks 5b, 15a Tom Clough arr. Chris Ormston;
Tracks 9, 11 Billy Pigg arr. Chris Ormston;
Track 12 trad. arr. Stewart Hardy, Chris Ormston;
Track 10 Chris Ormston arr. Stewart Hardy, Chris Ormston;
Tracks 13 Chris Ormston, Tom Clough;
Track 16b J. Allen arr. Chris Ormston;
Track 19 James Scott Skinner arr. Stewart Hardy, Chris Ormston

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