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Commander Cody: Let’s Rock

Commander Cody: Let’s Rock (Special Delivery SPD 1001)

Let’s Rock
Commander Cody

Special Delivery (Topic Records) SPD 1001 (LP, UK, 1987)

Produced by Tony Johnson with Austin de Lone;
Engineered by Allen Sudduth assisted by Steve Buck and Randy Vance;
Recorded at Prairie Sun Recording, Cotati, California;
Executive producers: Bill Kirchen, Mark ‘Mooka’ Rennick;
Front sleeve photography by Dave Peabody;
Design by Tony Engle


Bruce Barlow: electric bass, vocals;
Austin de Lone: piano, organ, guitar, accordion, vocals, lead vocals [1, 4-5];
Tony Johnson: drums, gong, vocals, lead vocals [2];
Bill Kirchen: guitar, harmonica, vocals, lead vocals [7, 9, 11];
Commander Cody (George Frayne IV): piano, lead vocals [3, 6, 8, 10];
Bobby Black: pedal steel;
Keith Crossan: tenor saxophone;
Peter Seigel: dobro;
Rob Sudduth: baritone and tenor saxophone


Side 1

  1. Let’s Rock (2.14)
  2. Rockin’ Over China (2.58)
  3. Midnight on the Strand (4.00)
  4. Do You Mind? (3.17)
  5. Angel Got Married (3.27)

Side 2

  1. Truck Stop at the End of the World (3.10)
  2. One More Ride (3.08)
  3. Your Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash (3.48)
  4. Rockabilly Funeral (3.37)
  5. Transfusion (1.49)
  6. Home of Rock & Roll (2.37)

Track 1 Austin de Lone, Bill Kirchen;
Track 2 C. Goddard;
Track 3 George Frayne, Tony Johnson;
Track 4 Austin de Lone, Bill Kirchen, George Frayne, Tony Johnson, Bruce Barlow, M. McGroskey;
Track 5 Bruce Barlow, Austin de Lone, George Frayne, Sherba;
Track 6 George Frayne, Bill Kirchen;
Track 7 Kevin Blackie Farrell;
Track 8 Chuck Calhoun;
Track 9 Kevin Blackie Farrell, Voorhels, Drifter;
Track 10 Jimmy Drake;
Track 11 George Frayne