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Cotswold Ballads

Frank Mansell, Peter Tatham, Celia Carroll: Cotswold Ballads (Saydisk CD-SDL 268)

Cotswold Ballads
The Poetry of Frank Mansell
Frank Mansell, Peter Tatham, Celia Carroll

Saydisc SDL 268 (LP, UK, 1975)
Saydisk CD-SDL 268 (CD, UK, 2007)

Frank Mansell’s poems can also be found in his book Cotswold Ballads (Richard Courtauld, 1974).

Recorded and produced by Gef Lucena (Saydisc) and David Wilkins (Valley Recordings);
Recorded at The Meeting House, Frenchay, nr. Bristol, 1975;
Poems set to music and performed by Peter Tahman and Celia Carroll;
Photography by Peter Turner;
Design by Genny Lucena


Frank Mansell: reading [1b, 2a, 3a, 4ac, 5b, 6ac, 7a, 8ab, 9ab];
Peter Tatham: vocals, guitar [1a, 2b, 4b, 6b, 7b, 9c];
Celia Carroll: vocals, guitar [1c, 3b, 5a, 6d, 8c]


Side 1

  1. [PT] The Farm Dog / [FM] The Bells of Bisley / [CC] Tim O’Leary (7.45)
  2. [FM] Old Inhabitants / [PT] I Passed by the Fields (3.27)
  3. [FM] Cotswold Choice / [CC] The Roads Go Down (3.40)
  4. [FM] The Wood / [PT] In Wishanger Wood / [FM] The Spring Fox (2.18)
  5. [CC] The Encounter / [FM] The Old Cricketer (3.11)

Side 2

  1. [FM] On Eldon Hill / [PT] The Old Cricketer / [FM] When the Fine Rain / [CC] When the Fine Rain (4.59)
  2. [FM] Winter / [PT] The Tramp in Spring (2.27)
  3. [FM] Lines for a Bereaved Libertine / [FM] The Steeple It Stands / [CC] The Wife (3.45)
  4. [FM] See These Hands / [FM] The Cottager’s Reply / [PT] I’d Sooner Go Hedging (5.24)