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Curlew: Fiddle Music From Shetland and Beyond

Curlew: Fiddle Music From Shetland and Beyond (Topic 12TS435)

Fiddle Music From Shetland and Beyond

Topic Records 12TS435 (LP, UK, 1985)
Topic Records TSDL435 (digital download, UK, November 2009)

Recorded and produced by Tony Engle at Ideal Sound Recorders, London;
Front sleeve illustration courtesy of the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland;
Back sleeve photographs by David Liddle;
Sleeve design by Tony Engle


Davy Tulloch: fiddle;
Veronique Nelson: fiddle;
Dave Jackson: guitar


Side 1

  1. Tilley Plump / Auld Foula Reel / Oot and in da Harbour Shetland reels (2.39)
  2. Grenadier and His Lady / Eunyssagh Vana air and hornpipe (3.34)
  3. Da Oyster / Yonder Hills / Fit da Gutter Shetland reels (2.08)
  4. Childgrove / Muiñeira de Cabanas (3.10)
  5. Father Tom / Veronique’s Reel / Hamish’s Reel hornpipe and reels (4.22)
  6. Janne’s Rheinlander / The Cambridge (2.40)

Side 2

  1. Da Cauld Nights of Winter / Square da Mizzen / Da Ness of Sound Shetland reels (2.27)
  2. C’raad T’ou Goll My Veg Dhone ? / Ta Dick Veg Er Yannoo Mie / Nancy (4.01)
  3. Ramna Stacks / Da Spirit of Whisky / Gold for da Boannie Lasses Shetland reels (2.02)
  4. Two Norwegian Rheinlanders (3.21)
  5. Alvadansur (2.33)
  6. Da Road to Houll / John Pottinger’s Compliments to Ronnie Cooper / Simon’s Wart Shetland reels (4.07)

All tracks trad. except
Tracks 5, 7c Davy Tulloch;
Track 6a Janne Baerentson;
Track 8c Tom Clough;
Track 11 P. Hansen;
Track 12a Tom Anderson;
Track 12b John Pottinger;
Track 12c Willie Hunter