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Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band

Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band (Topic 12T366)

Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band
Classic Recordings of Irish Traditional Music in America

Topic Records 12T366 (LP, UK, 1979)
Topic Records TSDL366 (digital download, UK, June 2010)

Recorded in Boston 1926-1934;
Original recordings from the collections of Tony Engle and Reg Hall;
Remastering and production by Tony Engle;
Notes by Mick Moloney and Leo Sullivan;
Additional discographical information from Tony Russell;
Front cover photograph by Jacob A. Riis;
Sleeve design by Tony Russell


Lineup of the 1926 recordings:

Dan Sullivan: piano;
Michael Hanafin, Thomas Ryan: fiddle;
Daniel C. Murphy, Daniel P. Moroney: pipes, flute

Later additions and replacements:

Owen Frain: flute;
Martin Mullins: fiddle;
Dominic Doyle: pipes;
Thomas Senior: accordion;
Neil Nolan: banjo;
Larry Griffin, Murty Rabbett: vocals


All tracks are by Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band unless noted otherwise.

Side 1

  1. Irish Dance Set - Figure No. 2 reels (3.09)
  2. Michael Hanafin fiddle: Dan Sullivan’s Favourite hornpipe (3.24)
  3. Murty Rabbit & His Gaelic Band: Tickling Mary Jane song (3.04)
  4. The Rabbit Catcher jig (3.13)
  5. Londonderry Hornpipe hornpipe (3.01)
  6. Neil Nolan banjo: Miller’s Reel / Duffy the Dancer reels (3.04)
  7. The Hanafins fiddle & accordion: Bantry Bay hornpipe (3.11)
  8. Michael Hanafin fiddle: Billy Hanafin’s Reel reel (3.16)
  9. Green Grow the Rushes-O fling (3.19)

Side 2

  1. Murty Rabbett & His Gaelic Band: The Versouviana Dance waltz (2.58)
  2. Boil the Kettle Early reel (3.09)
  3. Michael Hanafin fiddle, Daniel Moroney whistle: Groves Hornpipe hornpipe (3.30)
  4. Johnny Will You Marry Me? song (3.00)
  5. Michael Hanafin fiddle: Lord Gordon’s Reel reel (3.12)
  6. Lanigan’s Ball jig (3.15)
  7. Blackberry Blossom / Bonnie Kate reels (3.15)
  8. I’m Leaving Tipperary song (3.11)
  9. Silver Slipper / Jerry Daly’s hornpipes (3.17)