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Dear Aberdeen

Various: Dear Aberdeen (Fitlike)

Dear Aberdeen
Various Artists

Fitlike Records (CD, UK, 28 December 2014)

Various Aberdeen musicians were invited to put communications and correspondence from or to Aberdeen into spoken word and/or musical form.

All proceeds from the compilation will go to Aberdeenshire North Foodbank.

Cover art by Alan Davidson


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  1. The Great Bear: Dear Granny (4.09)
  2. Sylver Bridal: For As Long As I Am on This Troubled World (3.55)
  3. CS Buchan feat. Alan Davidson: We Fight (3.21)
  4. Stuuuuts (The Yawns): Buchanan, Clark & Wells (3.02)
  5. Ashley Park: Reading Your Words (3.28)
  6. Death Let Her: A Picture of the Times (2.34)
  7. Best Girl Athlete: From the Isles (2.26)
  8. Andre Whamish: Smoking Finger (5.26)
  9. Chemical Callum: When Can I Speak Again? (3.05)