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Don’t Feed the Peacocks

Don’t Feed the Peacocks (own label)

Don’t Feed the Peackocks
Don’t Feed the Peacocks

own label (CD EP, UK, 4 September 2018)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ian Stephenson at Simpson Street Studios, Thropton, Northumberland


Owen Spafford: fiddle;
Alex Lord: fiddle, backing vocals;
Cori Smith: viola, vocals;
Phoebe Harty: cello, alto saxophone, backing vocals;
James Haigh: guitar, banjo, vocals;
Martin Parker: piano accordion, alto saxophone


  1. Lightning Epiphany (2.50)
  2. Barefoot (5.10)
  3. Song for All Seasons (4.06)
  4. Little Sadie (2.42)
  5. Minoorne Labajalg (3.56)
  6. Glory in the Meeting House (3.59)
  7. Domhnall Nan Dun / Ille Bhig (6.30)

Track 1 Owen Spafford;
Track 2 Cori Smith;
Track 3 Oliver Schroer;
Tracks 4, 6-7 trad.;
Track 5 trad. Estonian