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Duncan Chisholm: Redpoint

Duncan Chisholm: Redpoint (Copperfish CPFCD001)

Duncan Chisholm

Copperfish Records CPFCD001 (CD, UK, 1997)

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Recorded by Keith Mitchell at C.A.P Studios, Crask of Aigas, Beauly;
Artwork and photography by Craig Mackey at Pictii;
Designed and typeset by Rhona Macleod


Duncan Chisholm: fiddle;
Phil Cunningham: piano, keyboards, whistle, harmonica, accordion;
Ivan Drever: acoustic guitar [1, 3-6];
Stuart Eaglesham: acoustic guitar [2, 8];
Andy Thorburn: piano [8a];
Graham Willoughby: percussion


  1. The Rose of St. Magnus (4.13)
  2. The Congress Set: Na Goisidich / The Congress / Break Yer Bass Drone (4.06)
  3. Lady Ramsay: The Caithness Junior Fiddlers (Lady Ramsay‘s Theme) (6.09)
  4. Asleep at the Wheel: Pipe Major John Stewart / Asleep at the Wheel (4.18)
  5. Leaving Stoer (3.58)
  6. Kirkhill: Kirkhill / Lord MacPherson of Drumochter (3.00)
  7. Moonlight on Loch Ness (4.49)
  8. Marnie Swanson Set: Marnie Swanson of the Grey Coast / MacFadden’s Reel / In and Out the Harbour (5.51)
  9. The Lady of Ardross (6.06)

Tracks 1, 5 Ivan Drever;
Track 2a Allan MacDonald;
Tracks 2b, 8bc trad. arr. Allan MacDonald;
Track 2c Gordon Duncan;
Track 3 Phil Cunningham;
Track 4a G.S. MacLennan;
Track 4b Michael Grey;
Track 6a James Riddell;
Track 6b Angus Graham;
Track 7 Donald R. Riddell;
Track 8a Andy Thorburn;
Track 9 Stuart Eaglesham

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Duncan Chisholm: Black Cuillin

Duncan Chisholm: Black Cuillin (Copperfish CPFCD008)

Black Cuillin
Duncan Chisholm

Copperfish Records CPFCD008 (CD, UK, 16 December 2022)

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Produced by Duncan Chisholm, Donald Shaw and Ross Hamilton;
Recorded by Ross Hamilton at GloWorm Recording, Glasgow;
Strings produced by Kobus Frick and recorded by David Donaldson;
Mixed at JL Recordings, Paisley;
Mastered by Andrea Gobbi at Carrier Waves Mastering;
Front cover artwork ‘Dawn Breaking Over the Cuillin’ by Jeremy Rossiter;
Photography by Somhairle MacDonald;
Cover design by Cuan Design


Duncan Chisholm: fiddle;
Ross Ainslie: whistles;
Hamish Napier: piano, keyboard;
Donald Shaw: piano [7-9], keyboard [5];
Ross Hamilton: electric guitar, bass;
Patsy Reid: fiddle;
Martin O’Neill: bodhrán;
Jarlath Henderson: uillean pipes;
Malcolm Jones: electric guitar [7-8];
Clockwork Sessions: strings


  1. Black Cuillin (3.31)
  2. On the Winds of Chaos Born (2.22)
  3. In the High Mountains (3.11)
  4. Beneath the Fortress (5.03)
  5. Miorbhail Nam Beann (The Marvel of the Mountains) (2.32)
  6. Deep Air / No Gods No Masters (3.56)
  7. Dusk on the Cuillin (3.07)
  8. The Blue Cuillin of the Island (4.07)
  9. Constellation (3.39)
  10. Before the Sun Comes (3.29)
  11. The Razors Edge (3.07)
  12. When the Snow Melts (3.24)

Tracks 1-4, 6, 8, 11 Duncan Chisholm, Ross Ainslie, Hamish Napier;
Track 5 Iain MacFarlane;
Track 6 Duncan Chisholm, Peach, Gray;
Track 9 Donald Shaw;
Track 10 Hamish Napier;
Track 12 Phil Cunningham

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