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Éalú: Escape

Éalú: Escape (private issue)


private issue (CD, Ireland, February 2012)

Produced by Éalú and Seán Óg Graham;
Recorded by Seán Óg Graham at Big Banana Studios, Portgelone, County Antrim;
Mixed by Seán Óg Graham;
Mastered by Jon Astley at Close the Edge Studios;
Artwork and design by Lizzy Doe;
Photography of Éalú by Kevin Jones


Francis Ward: piano, keys;
Dermot Sheedy: bodhrán, drum kit, percussion;
Ryan Murphy: uilleann pipes, saxophone, flute, whistle;
Cillian King: cncertina, vocals, guitars

Seán Óg Graham: bass [2], guitar [9]


  1. The Hour: Hour Jig / The Calgary Fiddlers Trip to Shetland / Jim O’Donoghue’s (4.17)
  2. Pennywell: Pennywell #1 / Pennywell #1 (4.01)
  3. San Francisco Bay Blues (2.32)
  4. To for or not 2/4: Engeliska / The Peerless Hornpipe (3.47)
  5. Getting Jiggy: Capecastle Tunnel / Rory Gallagher’s (3.35)
  6. Bounce: Sea of Tranquility / Libert / Cairntown (5.03)
  7. Catch the Wind: Catch the Wind / Catch the Wind waltz (4.21)
  8. Dickeystown: Brookfield Knights / Waking Up in Woderful Wark / The Dickeystown Hop (3.39)
  9. Marion MacLean of Eoligarry (4.19)
  10. That’s the Life for Me (3.40)
  11. Hale-Bopp: Take a Message to Julie / Saltón de Meres / Hale-Bopp Reel (4.29)

Track 1a, 8a Ryan Murphy;
Track 1b Andrew Gifford;
Tracks 1c, 4b trad.;
Tracks 2, 6a, 10 Cillian King;
Track 3 Jessie Fuller;
Track 4a trad. Finnish;
Tracks 5a, 11c Patrick Davy;
Track 5b Gordun Duncan;
Tracks 6bc, 8c Francis Ward;
Track 7a Donovan;
Tracks 7b Francis Ward, Cillian King;
Track 8b Karen Tweed;
Track 9 Colin Melville;
Track 11a Brian Finnegan;
Track 11b trad. Asturian