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Into the Wilderness

Eliza Delf: Into the Wilderness (Peace in the Head EJDCD001)

Into the Wilderness
Eliza Delf

Peace in the Head Records EJDCD001 (CD, UK, 13 May 2022)

Eliza Delf

Peace in the Head Records (DL single, UK, 22 April 2022)

Eliza Delf: Howl (Peace in the Head)

Produced by Eliza Delf, Jon Loomes, Fruzsina Rakoczy, and Simon Delf;
Recorded by Jon Loomes;
Photo of Eliza Delf by Owain Delf;
Cover picture painting by Will Teather;
CD cover design by Taylor Jones at Creative Connective


Eliza Delf: vocals, piano?;
Jon Loomes: additional instruments (digital and acoustic);
Edwin Beasant: drums and percussion


  1. Howl (3.34)
  2. Stealing My Fear Away (3.53)
  3. Wavelength (3.52)
  4. If She Were to Fall (5.02)
  5. Singing With My Ghosts (6.03)
  6. My Familiar (4.07)
  7. Heaviness in the Head (4.28)
  8. In the Court of the Queen of Strangeness (4.00)
  9. Penance (4.45)
  10. Into the Wilderness (5.48)

All tracks written by Eliza Delf


Eliza delf performs Into the Wilderness at the Young Norfolk Arts Festival 2021: