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Ellie Wilson: Echoes

Ellie Wilson: Echoes (Ellie Wilson EW003)

Unearthing Stories of the Forest
Ellie Wilson

Ellie Wilson EW003 (CD, UK, 8 November 2017)

Produced by Ellie Wolson and Thom Ashworth;
Tracks 3-4, 6, 9 recorded and mixed by Thom Ashworth;
Track 2 recorded and mixed by Jay Chakravorty;
Tracks 1, 5, 8 recorded by Ellie Wolson, mixed by Thom Ashworth;
Track 7 BBC Military Band 1929, mixed by Thom Ashworth;
Album artwork: Epping Forest linoprint by Kat Flint


Ellie Wilson: violin, vocals, synthesisers, programming;
Thom Ashworth: vocals, bass guitar, mandolin, programming;
Jay Chakravorty: synthesisers, programming [2];
Jo Quail: cello [6];
Fran Foote: vocals [4];
Helen Julia Minors, Alison Jackson: trumpets; Henry Ward: horn, from The Middlesex Yeomanry Concert Band [9]


Part I Enclosure

  1. Staples Hill (1.34)
  2. Axe (3.56)
  3. Willingale (1.06)
  4. The Lopper and the Landgrabber (3.41)

Part II Ancient Earthworks

  1. Loughton Camp (1.43)
  2. The Past Has a Life in the Forest (10.51)

Part III Sanctuary

  1. Epping Forest (0.44)
  2. Submerged (1.20)
  3. Scars (4.18)

All music and lyrics by Ellie Wilson, with the exception of some traditional folk melodies:
Track 4 first two verses and first line of chorus by John Clare;
Track 6 Turpin Hero;
Track 7 Epping Forest (Playford English country dance tune, 1670) arr. Cecil Sharp

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