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Even in Winter

Various: Even in Winter (Fitlike)

Even in Winter
Various Artists

Fitlike Records (DL, UK, 8 February 2016)

Various female artists from multiple musical genres were invited to record a piece of music inspired by the women of Aberdeen/shire (past or present).

All proceeds from the compilation will go to Aberdeenshire North Foodbank.


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  1. Iona Fyfe: Pride of Aberdeen (3.23)
  2. Ravenhead: Even in Winter (3.29)
  3. Kim Templeton: Burning Blue (3.31)
  4. Sharron Hassan: A Monstrous Regiment of Women (1.00)
  5. Jo Anthony: Scare Wood (2.47)
  6. Cindy Jarvis: Seafoam (2.16)
  7. Jenny Sturgeon: The Honours (2.55)
  8. Alex Thom: The Best You’ll Ever See (3.17)
  9. Rhiannon Campbell: Lady of Leys (2.44)
  10. Kaitlin Tate: Monday (3.53)
  11. Bellabeg: Old Green Place (2.58)
  12. Helen Lynch: The Mintie Wifie (2.15)