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Fisk Jubilee Singers: Spirituals

Fisk Jubilee Singers (Smithsonian Folkways FW02372)

Fisk Jubilee Singers

Folkways FW 2372 (LP, USA, 1955)
Topic Records 12T39 (LP, UK, 1958)
Smithsonian Folkways FW02372 (CD/download, USA, 2006 or earlier)

Fisk Jubilee Singers: Spirituals (Topic 12T39)

Credited with introducing the African-American spiritual to the wider world, the Fisk Jubilee singers made their debut in Cincinnati in 1871. Since then, the ensemble has drawn a host of wonderful young singers to Fisk University, and the Fisk Jubilee Singers have continued to be popular for over a century. This recording is from 1955.

Topic sleeve designed by Gloria Leader

Liner notes (PDF) at Smithsonian Global Sound


The Fisk Jubilee Singers, directed by John W. Work


Side 1

  1. I Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray (3.13)
  2. O The Rocks and the Mountains (2.44)
  3. Rockin’Jerusalem (2.16)
  4. When I Was Sinkin’ Down (2.36)
  5. You May Bury Me in the East (3.11)
  6. He Arose (4.01)

Side 2

  1. The Angels Bowed Down (3.37)
  2. There’s a Great Camp Meeting (2.07)
  3. Were You There? (4.18)
  4. Done Made My Vow to the Lord (2.28)
  5. I’m A-Rolling Through an Unfriendly World (2.09)
  6. Lord I’m Out There on Your Word (4.04)