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Flutes & Gamelan Music of West Java

Flutes & Gamelan Music of West Java (Topic TSCD913)

Flutes & Gamelan Music of West Java
Directed by Suryabrata

Topic Records TSCD913 (CD, UK, 1996)

Released under licence from Tangent Records (1978);
Recorded by Mike Steyn

Gamelan music is a southern Indonesian form of art, which has characteristic differences of local style. This record is of a West Javanese gamelan of the coastal area, a triangle formed by the towns of Cirebon, Sumedang, and Banten. The music is orchestral in scope and without vocal additions. It is classical in concept.

West Javanese orchestras developed over half a millenium. They are an off-shoot of the older Javanese music within the tradition of the folk an court music of the Central and Eastern part of the island. Recent development bears out the main characteristics of gamelan playing in spite of particular variations in style.

Court musicians in West Java were, in general, villagers who found their career within the walls of a court but kept in contact with the art of their villages. There are many locally famous gamelan orchestras, both musicians and instruments. These are attached either to the three remaining palaces of the royal town of Cirebon, to noble mansions, or to the village halls.


  1. Mupu Kembang (5.10)
  2. Catrik (5.00)
  3. Sinyur (4.54)
  4. Manintin (4.38)
  5. Srimpi Kakarta (6.14)
  6. Bendrong (5.36)
  7. Jipang (3.10)
  8. Putri (6.11)
  9. Renggong Buyut (1.58)