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Fylde Acoustic

Fylde Acoustic (Trailer LER 2105)

Fylde Acoustic
Various Artists

Trailer LER 2105 (LP, UK, 1977)

This is a tribute to British Fylde guitars with specially recorded tracks from Martin Carthy, John Renbourn, Martin Simpson, Nic Jones, Pete Berryman, Michael Chapman etc.

Produced by Roger Bucknall;
Recorded at Leader Sound by Bill Leader except:
Track 9 recorded by Bill Leader at Upminster, Essex;
Track 11 recorded by Bill Leader at Sound Associates, London;
Track 12 recorded at Fairview Music Studio, Hull;
Sleeve by Janet Kerr


Side 1Side 2
  1. John James: A Toye / Corranto (2.19)
  2. Pete Berryman: For Wendy / A Nice Buzz (6.11)
  3. Mike Harding: Mr Hitler, Mr Lanigan, Mr Tobin, Sanddancers Extraordinaire (2.42)
  4. Sam Bracken: Ned of the Hill (3.18)
  5. Martin Simpson: The Green Fields of America / The Ninth of January (3.09)
  6. Nic Jones with Pete & Chris Coe: The Heights of Alma (Roud 830; Laws J10; G/D 1:158; Henry H123) (4.21)
  1. Martin Carthy: Sweeney's Polka (2.31)
  2. Chris Foster: Georgie (3.21)
  3. Vin Garbutt: Bainish Sineidin (Jenny's Wedding) (2.33)
  4. Archie Fisher & Lucy Cowan: Black Jock (4.38)
  5. John Renbourn & Gordon Giltrap: Mr Southcote's Pavan / Mr Southcote's Galliard (5.34)
  6. Michael Chapman: English Music (3.08)