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Grace Smith Trio: Overleaf

Grace Smith Trio: Overleaf (Grace Smith Trio GSTCD01)

Grace Smith Trio

Grace Smith Trio GSTCD01 (CD, UK, 29 September 2023)

Produced by Tom Moore, Grace Smith, Sam Partridge and Bevan Morris;
Recorded and mixed by Tom Moore at Slow Worm Records;
Mastered by Sam Proctor at Lismore Mastering;
Photography and artwork by Elly Lucas


Grace Smith: fiddle, viola;
Sam Partridge: concertina, electric guitar;
Bevan Morris: double bass

Bright Young Folk review by Michele Mele


  1. Miss Cole’s (4.33)
  2. The Dale / Mr Vanbrugh’s Maggot (5.25)
  3. Quadrille (3.33)
  4. Feather Waltz (4.33)
  5. Cobbler’s Jig / Threedling (7.09)
  6. Three Sheepskins / Jenny Nettles (4.22)
  7. Yorkshire Wedding (3.44)
  8. Leo (3.30)
  9. Corners (3.56)
  10. Saison / Overleaf (4.32)

Tracks 1, 2a, 4, 5b, 7-10 Grace Smith;
Track 2b Stewart Hardy;
Tracks 3, 5a, 6ab trad.;
All tracks arranged by Grace Smith, Sam Partridge & Bevan Morris

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