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Ian King: Panic Grass & Fever Few

Ian King: Panic Grass & Fever Few (Fledg'ling FLED 3082)

Panic Grass & Fever Few
Ian King

Fledg'ling Records FLED 3082 (CD, UK, 24 January 2010)
6 Spices 6S229009 (LP, UK, 2010)

Ian King: Panic Grass & Fever Few (6 Spices 6S229009)

Produced by Adrian Sherwood, Skip ‘Little Axe’ McDonald and Ian King;
Recorded at On-U-Sound Studios, Soho Studios, Little Axe Studios and The Red Room;
Engineered by Brendon ‘Octave’ Harding;
Mixed by Adrian Sherwood;
Mastered by Al Scott at Brighton Mastering;
Sleeve artwork image by Heather McReynolds, apparently derived from a topographic map of the region south-east of Cambridge;
CD package design by David Suff


Ian King, lead vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin;
Pete Lockett, percussion;
The Crispy Horns:
    Dave Fullwood, trumpet;
    Chris Petter, trombone;
    Richard Doswell, saxophone and flute

Ghetto Priest, Valerie Skeete, Madelaine Edghill, backing vocals;
Denise Sherwood, vocal duet [8];
Skip McDonald, additional guitars and bass;
Doug Wimbish, bass [1];
Filipe Tavares, violin


Side 1Side 2
  1. Adieu to Old England (Roud 1703) (4.38)
  2. Death and the Lady (Roud 1031) (6.02)
  3. Black-Eyed Susan (Roud 560; Laws O28) (4.52)
  4. Evil Eye (3.06)
  5. Four-Loom Weaver (Roud 937) (3.48)
  1. By George (3.38)
  2. Flash Company (Roud 954) (4.37)
  3. Ah Robin, Gentle Robin (3.41)
  4. Take, O Take Those Lips (0.55)
  5. How Should I Your True Love Know? (Roud V18911) (2.17)
  6. Isle of France (Roud 1575) (3.56)
  7. Old Miner (Roud 1136) (3.48)
  8. Jovial Broom Man (RoudBS B133075) (5.12)

Tracks 1-2, 7, 11-13 trad.;
Track 3 words John Gay c. 1723, music Richard Leveridge (1670-1758);
Track 4 Ian King, with excerpts from As I Walk Forth (Robert Johnson, 1583-1633);
Track 6 Ian King;
Track 8 William Comysh (1468-1523);
Track 9 John Wilson, Measure for Measure IV, 1;
Track 10 William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Prinfe of Darkness IV, 5

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