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Irish Songs From Old New England

Irish Songs From Old New England (Folk-Legacy CD-132)

Irish Songs From Old New England
Traditional Irish-American Songs From the Helen Hartness Flanders Ballad Collection
Various Artists

Folk-Legacy Records CD-132 (CD, USA, 2003)

“This recording is dedicated to the traditional singers who freely donated their treasured songs to the Flanders Ballad Collection and to the collectors who traveled the byways of New England seeking folk songs of the past to preserve them for the future.”
— Dan Milner

Recorded in the United States, Ireland, England and Canada in 2002/03 by Eric Kilburn, Oliver Knight, Paddy J. McLaughlin, David Paton, Jonathan Pickow, Orrin Star, James Stephens and Jason Varley;
Produced by Dan Milner;
Mastered by Orin Starr;
Front cover: oil painting by Ruth Conroy (1908-1977), courtesy Bob Conroy;
Album designed by Dan Lyman of dglSolutions and Dan Milner


Gordon Bok, Martin Carthy, Bob Conroy, Len Graham, Frank Harte, Louis Killen, Jim McFarland, Bonnie Milner, Dan Milner, Deirdre Murtha, Robbie O’Connell, Caroline Paton, Sandy Paton, Ian Robb

Greg Brown: accordion, fiddle;
Brian Conway: fiddle;
David Paton: concertina


  1. Bonny, Dan & Deirdre: Cork Harbor (Roud 1894; Laws K6) (5.41)
  2. Gordon Bok: Young Mathyland (Roud 2880) (3.16)
  3. Jim McFarland: The Maid of Loggin’s Green (Roud 3025; Henry H594) (4.46)
  4. Bob Conroy: Erin’s Green Shore (Roud 280; Laws Q27) (4.06)
  5. Bonnie Milner: The Dark-Eyed Sailor (Roud 265; Laws N35; G/D 5:1037; Henry H232) (4.58)
  6. Robbie O’Connell: The Tanyard Side (The Irish Girl) (Roud 1021; Laws M28; Henry H52b) (3.23)
  7. Deirdre Murtha: James Derry (Roud 896; Laws L11; Henry H705) (6.16)
  8. Sandy Paton: Lovely Willie (Roud 1913; Laws M35; Henry H587) (2.34)
  9. Len Graham: The Peelers of Ballinamore (4.07)
  10. Caroline Paton: Barney McGee (Roud S271234) (3.08)
  11. Frank Harte: Napoleon’s Defeat (Roud 1132; Henry H608) (4.41)
  12. Dan Milner: McCormick & Kelly (Roud S244685) (2.53)
  13. Louis Killen: The Constant Farmer’s Son (Roud 675; Laws M33; G/D 2:221; Henry H806) (4.05)
  14. Martin Carthy: Bold McCarthy (Roud 1800; Laws K26) (3.57)
  15. Bonny, Dan & Deirdre: Adieu to Old Ireland (Roud 1905; Laws L15) (3.23)
  16. Ian Robb: The Heights of Alma (Roud 830; Laws J10; G/D 1:158; Henry H123) (7.00)

All songs traditional or anonymous, arranged by the performers