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Jake Thackray: Bantam Cock

Jake Thackray: Bantam Cock (Columbia SCX 6506)

Bantam Cock
Jake Thackray

Columbia Records SCX 6506 (LP, UK, 1972)

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Produced by Norman Newell;
Musical direction by Geoff Love;
Front cover photograph by kind permission of Lou Bifulco (Broughton Farm, Finchampstead)


Jake Thackray; vocals, guitar


Side 1

  1. Bantam Cock
  2. Fine Bay Pony
  3. The Singer
  4. The Girl with the Fragile Eyes
  5. Go Little Swale
  6. Jolly Captain
  7. Isabel Makes Love Upon National Monuments

Side 2

  1. Brother Gorilla (Le Gorille)
  2. The Girl in the Window
  3. It Was Only a Gypsy
  4. Old Molly Metcalfe
  5. Sister Josephine
  6. Lullaby

All tracks written by Jake Thackray except
Track 8 Georges Brassens, Jake Thackray

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Jake Thackray and Songs

Jake Thackray and Songs (Jake Thackray Project JTP04)

Jake Thackray and Songs
Jake Thackray

BBC/Jake Thackray Project JTP0 (DVD, UK, 2014)

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Performances taken from the BBC television series Jake Thackray and Songs;
Produced by Colin Goodwin;
Sound engineer: Peter Rose;
First transmission dates: January 6/13/20/27, 1981, February 3/10, 1981


Jake Thackray: vocals, guitar;
Alan Williams: double bass;
John Etheridge: guitar

Guest artists: Pete Scott, Alex Glasgow, Ralph McTell


Jake Thackray and Songs

  1. The Lodger
  2. Scallywag
  3. The Bull
  4. Leopold Alcocks
  5. The Statues
  6. Worried Brown Eyes
  7. The Jolly Captain
  8. The Castleford Ladies Magical Cirle
  9. One of Them
  10. Little Black Foal
  11. It Was Only a Gypsy
  12. The Ballad of Billy Kershaw
  13. Bantam Cock
  14. Joseph
  15. Lah Di Dah
  16. The Remembrance
  17. Personal Column
  18. Fine Bay Pony
  19. Ulysses
  20. Old Molly Metcalfe
  21. Family Tree
  22. The Hair of the Widow of Bridlington
  23. The Brigadier
  24. On Again! On Again!
  25. Country Bus
  26. Sister Josephine
  27. To Do With You
  28. The Blacksmith And the Toffeemaker
  29. The Last Will and Testament of Jake Thackray
  30. The Poor Sod

The Guests

Pete Scott

  1. Wall Paper
  2. Miss Lapotaire

Alex Glasgow

  1. Maggie Gee
  2. My Love and I
  3. Close the Coalhouse Door
  4. The Song of Margaret Thatcher

Ralph McTell

  1. Song for Martin
  2. Water of Dreams
  3. Streets of London (excerpt)