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Jim Post: Shipshape

Jim Post: Shipshape (Fying Fish FF-240)

Jim Post

Flying Fish Records FF-240 (LP, UK, 1980)

Produced by Dick Pinney;
Recorded live at Charlotte's Web, Rockford, Illinois on 4 October 1980 by Mike Rasfeld;
Mixed by Mike Rasfeld;
Photos by A.G. Breeze;
Album design by Bob McCarmant


Jim Post, guitar, vocals;
Randy Sabien, violin, guitar;
Corky Siegel, harmonica;
Bill Taylor, bass;
Louis Killen, concertina


Side 1Side 2
  1. Hot Summer Night (3.44)
  2. With Love from Alberta (4.17)
  3. Marblehead Morning (4.39)
  4. The Legend of Jack Dawson (3.59)
  5. Dance, Gypsy Dance (4.58)
  1. Engineer's Dream Tune (3.42)
  2. Angel of the Lighthouse (4.00)
  3. Snowshoe (4.54)
  4. Woodland Dream (5.08)
  5. Blow, December Winds (4.44)

All tracks written by Jim Post except
Track 3 Mason Daring;
Track 5 Kendall Kardt;
Track 7 Rob Cullison;
Track 9 words Dick Nevell, music Bob McQuillen