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Joe Tilston: Embers

Joe Tilston: Embers (Fellside FECD255)

Joe Tilston

Fellside Recordings FECD255 (CD, UK, 25 February 2013)

All vocals and guitars recorded and engineered by Matt Tweed at Pond life travelling studio, The Troubadour Falmouth, Cornwall;
All the rest recorded and engineered by Luke Yates at Small World Studios, Oxenhope, West Yorkshire;
Produced by Matt Tweed and Joe Tilston;
Artwork by Tim Rickaby


Joe Tilston: guitar, vocals;
Luke Yates: violin, electric guitar twiddles;
Matt Tweed: bouzouki, electric guitar twiddles;
Sean Howe: drums;
Robin Tyndale-Biscoe: percussion;
Martha Tilston: backing vocals [1];
Philippa Ratcliff: cello;
Hugh Bradley: double bass, fretless bass


  1. The Railway Children (6.06)
  2. Kings of Industry (3.59)
  3. Where Is the Love? (4.08)
  4. Liza & Henry (5.48)
  5. Different Feet (3.30)
  6. Little Scars (6.25)
  7. You & I (3.49)
  8. A Song for Old Friends (2.48)
  9. Long Live, We (2.41)
  10. Erosion (5.23)

All songs written by Joe Tilston;
String arrangements by Luke Yates

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