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John B. Spencer: Out With a Bang

John B. Spencer: Out With a Bang (Topic 12TS444)

Out With a Bang
John B. Spencer

Any Record ANY LP 1 (LP, Netherlands, 1985)
Topic Records 12TS444 (LP, UK, 1986)

Recorded by Bob Pridden, Pump Sounds;
Mastered by Tony Cousins, The Town House;
Cover design by Janene Hall;
Photography by Steven Witkam and Jan Zweerts


John B. Spencer: guitar, vocals,
Johnny G: guitar, vocals;
Paul Hughes: double bass;
Roger Williams: trombones, tuba;
Geraint Watkins: accordion;
Bobby Valentino: violin


Side 1

  1. Out With a Bang (3.53)
  2. Funny Honey (2.04)
  3. Gingham, White and Blue (2.32)
  4. Acceptable Losses (2.55)
  5. Plaisir D’Amour and More (2.37)
  6. Forgotten the Blues (3.47)

Side 2

  1. Hold On to your Heartache (2.39)
  2. Cry Baby Cry (1.54)
  3. Flesh and Blood (1.53)
  4. Chris Is in Love Again (3.17)
  5. One More Whiskey (2.20)
  6. Sad Reunion (2.03)
  7. Answer Only With Your Eyes (2.30)

All tracks written by John B. Spencer arr. John Gotting (Johnny G) except
Track 13 Alvin P. Carter