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Julian Sutton: Melodeon Crimes

Julian Sutton: Melodeon Crimes (Resilient RES004)

Melodeon Crimes
Julian Sutton

Resilient Records RES004 (CD, UK, 2005)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Graham Raine at OffBeat, Tracks, Northumberland;
Produced by Kathryn Tickell;
Black and white photography by Jim Causley;
Graphic design by Marcus Byron


Julian Sutton: melodeons;
Lisa Eriksson: piano accordion [5, 11];
Kit Haigh: guitar [2];
Neil Harland: double bass [2-3];
John Kenny: trombone [1, 10];
Amanda Lewis: fiddle [7];
Damien O’Kane: banjo [4, 7];
Ian Stephenson: guitar [4, 6, 10];
Anne Marie Summers: English bagpipes [8];
Kathryn Tickell: Northumbrian pipes [1, 11], fiddle [2];
Peter Tickell: fiddle [3];
Stephen Tyler: hurdy-gurdy [8];
Rachel Unthank: cello [1, 3, 5 11]


  1. His Last Bow / Toniou Bale Deus Kreiz Breizh (5.41)
  2. Baltic Square Jig / Percy’s Revege (4.07)
  3. August / Miss Irene Meldurm’s Welcome to Bon Accord (6.05)
  4. The Rocky Road to Ruin / Goodbye Mr Buns (3.35)
  5. Through the Backyard / Polonaise from Sexdrega (5.10)
  6. Winding Sideways (3.11)
  7. Andy McGann’s / The Cottage in the Grove / Mr McFadden’s Handsome Daughter (3.31)
  8. Castle Without a Mote / Bourrée Violonaire / Bourrée de Pocoti (4.55)
  9. The Peackock’s March / Gilsland Hornpipe (6.02)
  10. The Orange Rouge (3.42)
  11. The Secret Garden / Taking the Tent Down (5.50)

Tracks 1a, 2, 4, 5a, 6, 8a, 11 Julian Sutton;
Tracks 1b, 7, 9 trad. arr. Julian Sutton;
Track 5b trad. arr. Julian Sutton / Lisa Eriksson;
Track 8b trad. arr. Julian Sutton / Stephen Tyler / Anne Marie Summers;
Track 10 trad. arr. Julian Sutton / Ian Stephenson;
Track 3a Olof Misgeld;
Track 3b WG Meldurm

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