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Karan Casey, John Doyle: Exiles Return

Karan Casey, John Doyle: Exiles Return (Compass 7 4529 2)

Exiles Return
Karan Casey, John Doyle

Compass Records 7 4529 2 (CD, USA, 2010)

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Produced by Dirk Powell;
Recorded and mixed by Erick Jaskowiak at Compass Sound Studio, Nashville, Tennessee;
Mastered by Randy LeRoy at Final Stage, Nashville;
Photography by Colm Hagan;
Design by Robert Hakalski


Karan Casey: vocals;
John Doyle: vocals, twelve-string, high string and six-string guitars, bouzouki, mandola;
Dirk Powell: banjo double bass;
Michael McGoldrick: flute, whistle


  1. The False Lady (Roud 47; Child 68) (3.23)
  2. Exiles Return (3.47)
  3. Sailing Off to the Yankee Land (4.23)
  4. Sally Grier (Roud 4084; Laws dD39) (4.16)
  5. The Bay of Biscay (Roud 22567) (3.38)
  6. The Little Drummer Girl (Roud 226; G/D 1:182; Henry H497) (4.18)
  7. Out of the Window (Roud 861; Henry H141) (4.20)
  8. Madame I’m a Darling (Roud 542, 3086; G/D 4:746; Henry H532, H641) (4.59)
  9. The Nightingale (Roud 32290; Henry H75b) (4.12)
  10. False Lover John (Roud 21; Child 4; G/D 2:225; Henry H163) (3.09)
  11. The Shipyard Slips (5.28)
  12. The Flower of Finae [Thomas Davis] (Roud 25067) (5.27)

All tracks trad. except
Track 2 John Doyle;
Track 11 Davie Wilde
Track 12 Thomas Davis

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Karan Casey: Hieroglyphs That Tell the Tale

Karan Casey: Hieroglyphs That Tell the Tale (Vertical VERTCD113)

Hieroglyphs That Tell the Tale
Karan Casey

Vertical Records VERTCD113 (CD, UK, 19 October 2018)

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Produced by Donald Shaw;
Initial recording sessions at Bannview Studios in Portglenone, Co. Antrim, Engineer: Seán Óg Graham;
Additional recording and mixes by Kevin Burleigh at Gorbals Sound Studios, Glasgow;
Additional recording by Niall Vallely at Crow Valley Studios;
Additional recording by John Mock at Drowsy Maggie Studio Nashville;
Mixed by Kevin Burleigh and Donald Shaw;
Mastered by Yes Master, Nashville


Karan Casey: vocals;
Donald Shaw: piano, accordion, Rhodes, string arrangements;
Sean Óg Graham: acoustic, electric guitars;
Kate Ellis: cello;
Ewen Vernal: basses;
James Mackintosh: drums, percussion;
Niamh Dunne: fiddle, vocal [3, 9];
Maura O’Connell: vocal [4];
Pauline Scanlon: vocal [6];
Karen Matheson: vocal [4, 7];
Aoife O’Donovan: vocal [10];
Catriona McKay: clarsach;
Ryan Quigley: trumpet, brass arrangements;
Konrad Wiszniewski: saxophone;
Innes White: mandolin [4-5];
Sorren MacLean: guitar fx [6];
Niall Vallely: concertina;
Michael McGoldrick: flute;
Dirk Powell: banjo;
Louis Abbott: drums [4];
Greg Lawson: violin;
Fiona Stephen: violin;
Kobus Frick: violin;
Scott Dickinson: viola


  1. Hollis Brown (4.29)
  2. Down in the Glen (4.49)
  3. Man of God (3.27)
  4. I’m Still Standing Here (3.21)
  5. Sixteen Come Next Sunday (Roud 277; Laws O17; G/D 4:791; Henry H152, H793) (4.02)
  6. In the Gutter (5.08)
  7. My One and Only You (3.12)
  8. Doll in Cash’s Window (3.28)
  9. Hold On (4.20)
  10. Mary (5.43)

Track 1 Bob Dylan;
Tracks 2, 9 Karan Casey;
Track 3 Eliza Gilkyson;
Track 4 Janis Ian;
Track 5 trad. arr. Karan Casey, Donald Shaw, Seán Óg Graham, Caoimhin Vallely;
Track 6 Mick Flannery;
Track 7 Seán Óg Graham, Karan Casey;
Track 8 Pat Daly;
Track 10 Patti Griffin

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