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Katie Doherty: Bridges (Park PRK CD96)

Katie Doherty

Park Records PRK CD96 (CD, UK, 20 December 2007)

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Recorded by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland;
Mixed by Stuart Hamilton, Katie Doherty, Ian Stephenson and Julien Batten except
Track 7 mixed by Tony Poole;
Mastered by Paul McGeechan at Park Lane Studio, Glasgow;
Photography by Katy Melling;
Sleeve design by Gwen Morgan


Katie Doherty: vocals, piano;
Ian Stephenson: guitar, double bass;
Calum Stewart: wooden flute, whistles, uilleann pipes;
Shona Mooney, Olivia Ross: fiddles, violas;
Julien Batten: piano accordion;
Martin Douglas: drums, percussion;
Kathryn Tickell: fiddle [7]


  1. Bridges (4.07)
  2. Beautiful Colour (4.39)
  3. Sing Softly (3.30)
  4. Lady Midas (3.16)
  5. Winter Is Past (3.51)
  6. Snow Dove (3.58)
  7. Port and Brandy (3.38)
  8. Bonnie Laddie (4.58)
  9. Listen (3.26)
  10. Something Warmer (4.42)
  11. Sittin' on Top of the World (1.55)

All tracks written by Katie Doherty except
Track 5 words Robert Burns, music Katie Doherty;
Track 6 words trad., music Katie Doherty;
Track 7 Nancy Kerr, out-take from Kathryn Tickell's Strange But True recording sessions;
Track 10 Katie Doherty, featuring Copernicus by Rob Harbron;
Track 11 The Mississippi Sheiks

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And Then

Katie Doherty and The Navigators: And Then (Steeplejack SJCD023)

And Then
Katie Doherty and The Navigators

Steeplejack Music SJCD023 (CD, Germany, 17 January 2019)

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Produced by Julien Batten and Katie Doherty;
Recorded by Ian Stephenson at Simpson Street Studios, and by Andrew Cadie at Wishing Well Studio;
Mastered by Calum Malcolm;
Photography by Beneath the Pines;
Illustration by Holly Mabuba;
Design and layout by Van Gill Media


Katie Doherty: vocals, piano, sansula;
Shona Mooney: fiddle, vocals;
Dave Gray: melodeon, vocals;
Ian Stephenson: double bass;
Mark Carroll: cello [3-4];
Will Hammond: percussion [3, 7];
Andrew Cadie, Mark Bloomer: vocals [3, 9];
Cast of “Beyond the End of the Road” 2018 (Christina Berriman-Dawson, Jane Holman, Micky Cochrane, Jack Alexander, Lawrence Neale, Alice Blundell): vocals [10]


  1. I'll Go Out (3.45)
  2. Yours (4.44)
  3. Navigator (4.00)
  4. Heartbeat Ballroom (4.49)
  5. Rose in Winter (2.43)
  6. Polska (3.56)
  7. Angry Daughter (3.25)
  8. And Then (4.17)
  9. Tiny Little Shoes (4.54)
  10. We Burn (4.14)

All tracks written by Katie Doherty arr. Katie Doherty, Shona Mooney, Dave Grey except
Track 6 trad. arr. Shona Mooney, Dave Grey;
Cello part on track 4 by Ian Stephenson

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