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Kavaz: Confluence

Kavaz: Confluence (Kavaz)


Kavaz (CD, Canada, 20 July 2023)

Produced by Kavaz;
Recorded and mixed by Everest Witman;
Mastered by Ian Stephenson at Simpson Street Studios;
Graphic design by Elly Lucas;
Photography by Vitor Munhoz


Isaac Beaudet Lefebvre: fiddle;
François-Xavier Dueymes: wooden flutes, low whistle;
Everest Witman: acoustic guitars, electric guitar, diatonic accordion, electric bass, synth bass


  1. Slides: The Flying Pig / The Toormore Slide / This is My Love, Do You Like Her? (3.51)
  2. Matante Alfreda: Reel de la Libération / Reel à Matante Alfreda (3.56)
  3. Andros: L’andro des Carrières / Kaodan / Gwened (4.25)
  4. Gigues du Haut Boc: Gigue du Haut-Boc / Willy Coleman’s / Is It Me or Is It B? (François-Xavier Dueymes) (4.23)
  5. Mazurka Minute (Isaac Beaudet Lefebvre, François-Xavier Dueymes, Everest Witman) (3.55)
  6. The Baker: King of the Clans / The Bubbling Wine / The Baker (4.03)
  7. Road to Sofia: Up in the Garret / Daichovo Horo (3.35)
  8. Polkas: Mealagh Valley Polka / Jewish Polka / The Third One (4.54)
  9. Glynn’s March: Glynn’s March / Handsome Sally / The Primrose Girl (6.48)
  10. Green Fields of Glentown: New Century Hornpipe / McFadden’s Favorite / Green Fields of Glentown (4.43)

All trcks trad. except
Track 1a Aogan Lynch;
Track 3a, 4c François-Xavier Dueymes;
Track 3b Jean Le Roux;
Track 3c Le Ray;
Track 4a Isaac Beaudet Lefebvre;
Track 5 Isaac Beaudet Lefebvre, François-Xavier Dueymes, Everest Witman;
Track 6b Paddy O’Brien, Tipperary;
Track 6c James Scott Skinner;
Track 8b Daire Mulhern;
Track 8c Damien Mullane;
Track 9a Everest Witman;
Track 10c Tommy Peoples