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Pier of the Realm

Keith Roberts: Pier of the Realm (Trailer LER 3031)

Pier of the Realm
Keith Roberts

Trailer LER 3031 (LP, UK, 1972)

Recorded in Lancashire and produced by Bill Leader;
Production master by Nic Kinsey, Livingston Studios;
Fron sleeve photograph by Mike Harding;
Sleeve design by Janet Kerr


Keith Roberts: vocals;
Barry Halpin: whistle, banjo;
Barrie Parkinson: mandolin


Side 1

  1. Blackpool Blues
  2. The Cage
  3. Pit Yard Accident
  4. Cobbled Streets
  5. Eawt on t’ Rooks
  6. The Maypole Disaster
  7. White Leg Miner
  8. Gooin’ off ter Sundi Schoo’

Side 2

  1. The Mighty River Douglas
  2. A World Out of Coal
  3. Lament for Albert
  4. Goo an’ Clein Thi Clogs
  5. The Closing of the Doss House
  6. The Last Days of Steam

All track written by Keth Roberts except
Track 6 coll. Hurst