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Kinnaris Quintet: Free One

Kinnaris Quintet: Free One (Kinnaris Quintet KQ1)

Free One
Kinnaris Quintet

Kinnaris Quintet KQ1 (CD, UK, 20 September 2018)

Producd by Kinnaris Quintet and Andrea Gobbi;
Recorded by Andrea Gobbi at GloWorm Recordings;
Mixed by Andrea Gobbi at GloWorm Recordings and Carrier Waves;
Mastered by Iain Hutchison at GloWorm Recordings;
Artwork by Somhairle MacDonald

Folk Radio UK review by Sharon Armstrong


Laura Wilkie: fiddle;
Fiona MacAskill: fiddle;
Aileen Reid Gobbi: 5-string fiddle, vocals;
Jenn Butterworth: guitar, stomp, vocals;
Laura-Beth Salter: mandolin, tenor guitar, vocals


  1. Nonna Pina / Space Ghettos (5.36)
  2. Can You Repeat That, Please? / The Fisherman in the Wardrobe (4.54)
  3. Mary Binnie (1.58)
  4. Toria's 50th (3.13)
  5. June's Garden / Pockets (7.36)
  6. Princess Fiona (4.26)
  7. Gortavale Rock / The Road to Poynton (4.48)
  8. Saltspring Overture / Saltspring (6.20)
  9. Balfour Road / The Weatherman (6.49)
  10. Free One (7.18)

Tracks 1ab, 10 Aileen Reid Gobbi;
Track 2a Anthiny Davis;
Track 2b Michael McGoldrick, Donald Shaw;
Tracks 3-4 Laura Wilkie;
Track 5a Laura-Beth Salter;
Track 5b Calum MacCrimmon;
Track 6 Ali Hutton;
Track 7a Cathal Hayden, Seán Óg Graham;
Track 7b Robert Harbron;
Track 8a Jenn Butterworth, Aileen Reid Gobbi, Laura Wilkie, Fiona MacAskill;
Track 8b John Reischman;
Track 9a Rhona Dalling;
Track 9b Alasdair White


Kinnaris Quintet at the Hudson Records Listening Club on 9 August 2020: