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Landini Consort: Nowell, Nowell

Landini Consort: Nowell, Nowell (Hill & Dale HD001)

Nowell, Nowell
Landini Consort

Hill & Dale Records HD001 (LP, UK, 1978)

Recorded by Bill Leader in the chapel of the College of Ripon and York St John, York, August 1978


Richard Hill: countertenor;
Rogers Covey-Crump: tenor;
Elizabeth Liddle: tenor viol, alto rebec, lute, citole, alto recorder, alto crumhorn;
Margaret McCaul: bass viol, tenor rebec, psaltery, alto recorder, tenor crumhorn, percussion;
John Bryan: tenor viol, psaltery, soprano and alto shawms, dulcian, tenor recorder, percussion;
Peter Syrus (director): treble viol, treble rebec, fiddle, gittern, soprano recorder, soprano crumhorn, baritone


Side 1

Medieval Songs and Carols from France and England

  1. Orientis partibus
  2. Angelus ad virginem
  3. In Rama sonat gemitus
  4. Nowell, Nowell: Tidings True
  5. There Is No Rose of Such Virtue

Carols and Carmina from Lutheran Germany

  1. In dulci jubilo
  2. Carmen I
  3. Ein Kindelein so löblich
  4. Carmen II
  5. Joseph, lieber Joseph mein

Side 2

Carols and Dances from Renaissance Spain

  1. E la don don, Verges Maria
  2. Danza alta
  3. Dadme albricias, hijos d’Eva
  4. La Spagna
  5. Ríu, rír, chíu

Music From Elizabethan England

  1. Sweet Was the Song the Virgin Sung
  2. Christe qui lux es et dies
  3. Lullaby, My Sweet Little Baby
  4. Lully, Lullay, Thou Little Tiny Child (Coventry Carol) (Roud 19028)

All tracks anonymous except
Tracks 6, 8, 10 Johann Walther (1496-1570);
Tracks 7, 9 Ludwig Senfl (c.1492-1555);
Track 12 Francisco de la Torre (c.1500);
Tracks 17-18 Willam Byrd