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Last Orders

Last Orders: Last Orders (Fellside FECD207)

Last Orders
Last Orders

Fellside Recordings FECD207 (CD, UK, 2007)

Recorded by Robert Hallard and Paul Adams;
Produced by Paul Adams;
Photographs by Charles Devlin;
Artwork by Mary Blood


Joe O'Connor, melodeons;
Matthew Jones, guitar;
David Jones, fiddle;
Kevin Lees, fiddle

with Maz O'Connor, vocals


  1. O'Keefe's / Glen Cottage / Camptown Races polkas (3.35)
  2. Barsebak Polka / The Morgan Rattler (5.00)
  3. Go to Town / The Barrowburn (3.31)
  4. Eklunda / G Polska (4.27)
  5. Waiting for Janet / Taking the Tent Down / Horizonto jigs (4.50)
  6. Calum Sgaire / The Gold Curtaim air & waltz (7.26)
  7. Steffans Leken / Mr Isaac's Maggot (5.40)
  8. The Last of the Great Whales (4.23)
  9. Emma's / Phil Cunnigham's / Da Sneck o' da Smaali / The Hangover Poo reels (4.25)
  10. Tune for Michael / Dance of Delight (6.23)
  11. Van Praetbrug / Reynaud's Bourrée (2.59)
  12. Lapp-Lenas Vals / Toulpagorni (5.11)

All tracks trad. except
Track 1b James Scott Skinner;
Track 1c Stephen Collins Foster;
Track 3a Emily Smith, Steve Byrne;
Track 5a Andy Cutting;
Track 5b Julian Sutton;
Track 6a trad. / Alasdair Frazer;
Track 6b John Neilson;
Track 8 Andy Barnes;
Track 9b trad. / Cunningham;
Track 10a Brian Finnegan;
Track 11a Wouter Vandenabeele;
Track 11b R. Reynaud;
Track 12b Andersson