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Lee Collinson: Slip the Driver a Fiver

Lee Collinson: Slip the Driver a Fiver (Fledg'ling FLE 3003)

Slip the Driver a Fiver
Lee Collinson

Spiv Records SPIV CD 103 (CD, US)
Fledg'ling Records FLE 3003 (CD, UK, 1995)

Produced by Lee Collinson and Dave Swan;
Recorded by Dave Swan at Amber Light Studio, Dorking, Surrey;
Digitally edited by Martin Nichols at The White House, Weston-super-Mare;
Photographs by James Wilmott;
Cover design by Lee Collinson


Lee Collinson, vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, autoharp;
Christine Collister, backing vocals, shaker;
Dominic Howard, bass guitar;
Barb Jungr, harmony vocals, harmonica, mandolin;
Tom McConville, fiddle;
Al Stewart, saxophone, clarinet;
Dave Swan, drums, percussion


  1. Never Been to Texas (3.06)
  2. People of the Heavens (5.17)
  3. The Purle Pas de Deux (4.15)
  4. The Reflex Waltz (3.23)
  5. Fair Sally (5.01)
  6. Driving Wheel (5.46)
  7. One Out of Three / Slip the Driver a Fiver (4.15)
  8. Me and Billy the Kid (3.50)
  9. Lord Mayor's March (3.50)
  10. The Beautiful Waitress (5.11)

Track 1 Rosie Gren, Ieuan Jones arr. Lee Collinson;
Track 2 Huw Williams arr. Lee Collinson;
Track 3 Keith Hancock arr. Lee Collinson;
Tracks 4, 7 Terry Mann arr. Lee Collinson;
Tracks 5, 9 trad. arr. Lee Collinson;
Track 6 David Whiffen arr. Lee Collinson;
Track 8 Joe Ely arr. Lee Collinson;
Track 10 Terry Allen arr. Lee Collinson