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Singing Traditions of a Suffolk Family

The Ling Family: Singing Traditions of a Suffolk Family (Topic 12TS292)

Singing Traditions of a Suffolk Family
The Ling Family

Topic Records 12TS292 (LP, UK, 1977)

Recorded by Keith Summers 1974-5;
Produced by Keith Summers and Tony Engle;
Notes by Keith Summers and Ginette Dunn;
Photographs by Mike Yates;
Sleeve design by Tony Engle


Geoff Ling (1916-2009), vocals [1, 4-5, 10-11];
George Ling (1904-1975), vocals [2, 6-7, 9, 13-14];
Percy Ling (1906-1982), vocals [3, 8, 12, 15-16]


Side 1Side 2
  1. [Geoff] Green Bushes (Roud 1040; Laws P2; Henry H143) (2.49)
  2. [George] On Board the Leicester Castle (Roud 653) (2.35)
  3. [Percy] The Lobster (Roud 149) (2.08)
  4. [Geoff] Died for Love (Roud 60; Laws P25; G/D 6:1170; Henry H683) (2.02)
  5. [Geoff] Little Ball of Yarn (Roud 1404) (1.27)
  6. [George] The Lakes of Coolfin (Roud 189; Laws Q33; G/D 2:228; Henry H176) (1.27)
  7. [George] The Deserter (Roud 493) (1.37)
  8. [Percy] Little Sweetheart (Roud 1755) (3.45)
  1. [George] Jolly Jack the Sailor (Roud 1785) (1.22)
  2. [Geoff] A Group of Young Squaddies (Roud 1783) (2.32)
  3. [Geoff] On the Banks of the Clyde (Roud 1784) (2.50)
  4. [Percy] Underneath Your Apron (Roud 899; G/D 7:1493) (2.39)
  5. [George] The Bonny Bunch of Roses (Roud 664; Laws J5; G/D 1:155) (2.07)
  6. [George] Nancy of Yarmouth (Roud 407) (1.47)
  7. [Percy] The Man All Tattered and Torn (Roud 1407) (3.20)
  8. [Percy] Fagin the Cobbler (Roud 872) (2.09)

All songs trad.

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