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Liz Hanks: Land

Liz Hanks: Land (Hudson HUD034CD)

Liz Hanks

Hudson Records HUD034LP/CD (LP/CD, UK, 2 June 2023)

Produced by Liz Hanks;
Field recordings by Alisdair McGregor;
Mixed by Andy Bell;
Mastered by Sam Proctor;
Photography by Simon Buckley and Chris Saunders


Liz Hanks: cello


  1. Meer (boundary) (4.14)
  2. Keld (a spring) (3.34)
  3. Brook (small stream) (3.08)
  4. Ride (path made by humans or animals through woodland) (3.17)
  5. Hide (measurement of land needed to sustain a family) (3.14)
  6. Carr (marsh) (5.39)
  7. Ley (an open area of land, clearing in a wood) (5.16)
  8. Kerf (width of a saw cut) (2.20)
  9. Glind (enclosure) (3.44)
  10. Brier (many plants with thorny stems growing in dense clusters) (4.03)

All tracks written by Liz Hanks


Liz Hanks plays Meer (boundary):

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