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Lyrical (Grimm & Co GCO001CD)

A collection of songs written by children and young people and performed by adult musicians
Various Artists

Grimm & Co GCO001CD (CD, UK, 6 December 2019)

Lyrical (Grimm & Co GCO001CD)


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  1. Gilmore & Roberts: Writing a Song [Amber Finnie] (4.12)
  2. Precious Metals: Porthole [Heather Lewis, Jasmine Green] (4.52)
  3. Eoin Loveless: Magical Land [Jessica Hood] (3.41)
  4. Greg Russell: Come to Wonderland [Violet Brady] (4.10)
  5. Verona Mackay: Why Don’t You [Lauren Eadon, Shannon Lambert] (2.55)
  6. Jens Lekman: My Sister’s Football Boots [Lola Spalding] (2.36)
  7. Thee Mighties: Crazy Shark [Jack Finnie] (2.31)
  8. Boff Whalley: Silly Stuff [Victoria Cooling] (2.58)
  9. The Apples of Pain: Pixie Hollow [Sharon] (2.24)
  10. Davie Eagle: Death Race [Sofia Verona, Daisy Whittaker] (3.44)
  11. Fay Hield and Jon Boden: (Untitled) [Joel Thornton] (2.00)
  12. Gilmore & Roberts: Eye Spy [Hanna Thornton] (3.38)
  13. Greg Russell: Platitudes [Oliver McDonald] (2.55)
  14. Lauren Housley: Light in the Dark [Charlotte Treloar] (4.05)

Liner Notes

In the summer of 2018, Grimm & Co invited children and young people to our Apothecary to the Magical in the heart of Rotherham, where they took part in free song writing workshops. Within the inspiring environment of Grimm & Co’s Writer’s Pad, the children and young people unleashed their imaginations, and with the support of writers, musicians, and story mentors they forged their own lyrical paths by penning tunes about magical lands, crazy sharks, muddy football boots, and much, much more. With the young writers’ permission, we shared these amazing lyrics with a collection of marvellous musicians, each of whom chose one of the tunes and generously offered to set the children and young people’s words to music. We are now delighted to share their songs with you.

A huge thank you to everyone who made this album possible: the incredibly talented young writers themselves, all the story mentors who supported the song writing workshops, Tom and Lauren at Lovebird Studios, Emma at Pure Records, and the National Lottery Awards for All funds, and, of course, to you for buying this album!