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For the Future and the Past

Margaret Walters: For the Future and the Past (MW001)

For the Future and the Past
Margaret Walters

own label MW001 (CD, Australia, 1990)


Margaret Walters, Tony Cochrane, Robin Connaughton, Bob Fagan, Margaret Fagan, Tom Hanson, Paul Hemphill, Adele Hugill, Graham McDonald, Len Neary, Robert Walters: vocals;
Martin CarthyL guitar [3];
Bob Fagan, Gill Rees: guitars;
Andrew Knight, Graham McDonald: guitar, keyboards;
Martyn Oram: fiddle;
Peter Woodley: whistles, flute;
Trish McFarlane, James Fagan: keyboards;
Peter Bennett: bass;
Bush Band: Backblocks: Dave Johnson, Anne Pidcock, Bob Foggin, Bob Bolton and Pat Bolton


  1. Of Trees and Humankind (4.04)
    [Wendy Joseph, 1982]
  2. Sailor Home from the Sea (2.53)
    [words Dorothy Hewett, c. 1960; music Chris Kempster, c. 1967]
  3. Cyprus Brig, or: Seizure of the Cyprus Brig in Recherche Bay, 1829 (6.15)
    [words Frank the Poet (Francis MacNamara); music trad. arr. Margaret Walters, Martin Carthy]
  4. The Secret Room (2.33)
    [Mary Jane Field, 1985]
  5. Wife to a Cocky Farmer / Ernie Goodman’s Waltz (4.52)
    [Richard Keam, 1983 / trad. arr. Backblocks]
  6. Number Twenty-two (3.35)
    [words “Javey” of Murrurindi, 1880, arr. Margaret Walters; music Margaret Walters, 1988]
  7. On the Night Train (3.00)
    [words Henri Lawson, 1922; music Ade Monsbourgh, c. 1970]
  8. The Nameless Convict / Raibh Tu ag an gCarraig (Were You at the Rock?) (3.45)
    [Wendy Joseph, 1980 / trad. arr. Peter Woodley]
  9. The Four Elements and Ollie Baxter (4.17)
    [David Small, 1985]
  10. Moreton Bay, or: A Convict’s Lament on the Death of Captain Logan (3.42)
    [words attributed to Frank the Poet (Francis MacNamara); music trad. from the singing of Simon McDonald]
  11. Second Class Wait Here (4.54)
    [Henri Lawson, 1899; Tony Miles, 1981]
  12. The Route March (3.59)
    [Henry Lawson, 1919; Cathy O’Sullivan, 1979]
  13. People for Peace (2.53)
    [Leigh Newton, 1982]