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Marit and Rona: Turas

Marit and Rona: Turas (Watercolour WCMCD51)

Marit and Rona

Watercolour Music WCMCD51 (CD, UK, 24 February 2014)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Watercolour Music, Ardgour;
A Stòras Watercolour production by Mary Ann Kennedy and Nick Turner;
Photography by Allan MacDonald;
Design and illustration by Aggie Ampersand


Marit Fält, låtmandola, cittern, vocals, piano hitter, gong, cymbal, drum, thunderbox;
Rona Wilkie, fiddle, vocals, viola, Hardanger fiddle

Allan Òg MacDonald: percussion, bodhrán;
Cantilena Quartet:
    Angus Ramsay, Heather MacLeod, violins;
    Stephen Shakeshaft, viola;
    Sarah Harrington, cello;
Mary Ann Kennedy, backing vocals, piano-hitting assistant;
Nick Turner, Dyson wind


  1. Fhuair Mi Pòg: Halling fra Elverum / Fagan's Fjord / Fhuair Mi Pòg (5.08)
  2. Tobar Tobar: Tobar, Tobar, Sìolaidh / A' Cur nan Gobhar às a' Chreig / Martin Fen (3.59)
  3. Kilmartin Glen Campsite: Ebba Brahe Polska / Kilmartin Glen Campsite (7.54)
  4. Bodach: När som flickorna / Bodach Innse Chrò (2.28)
  5. The Reels: Quebecois Reel – La Gigue à M. Lasanté / Midnight Cruise to Inverie / Choid Iad Mo Bhean Uam An Rèir (They Stole My Wife From Me Last Night) (3.56)
  6. Psalm 107 (4.00)
  7. Rory’s Dinosaur Jumper: Rory’s Dinosaur Jumper / Auchendoun Castle (6.07)
  8. Seo a' Bhiladhna: Seo a' Bhiladhna a dh'Fhàg mi Dubhach (3.24)
  9. New England Fireman Set: The Bold New England Fireman / Rodel Church / Yes! (4.53)
  10. Tha Bò Dhubh Agam (5.16)

Tracks 1ac, 2ab, 3a, 4ab, 5ac, 7b, 8 trad .arr. Marit Fält, Rona Wilkie;
Track 1b Marit Fält;
Track 2c Tuomas Logrén;
Tracks 3b, 7a,9c Rona Wilkie;
Track 5b Patsy Reid;
Tracks 9ab Paul Anderson;
Track 10 trad., Rona Wilkie, Marit Fält

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