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The Michael Philip Ceilidh Band: At the Riverside

The Leda Trio: At the Riverside (Springthyme SPRCD 1035)

At the Riverside
The Michael Philip Ceilidh Band

Springthyme Records SPRC/SPRCD 1035 (cass./CD, UK, 1992)

Produced by Stuart Duncan and Paul Clancy;
Recorded live at the Riverside Club in Glasgow, Ausgust 1992;
Photography by Davie Robertson;
Design by Peter Shepheard

Album notes


Michael Philip (Cardenden), Robert Ross (Kincardine): accordeons;
Suzanne Gray (Alloa): bass;
Paul Clancy (Dundee): keyboards;
Gordon Robertson (Larbert): drums


  1. Gay Gordons: The Slalom Scare / The Bonawe Highlanders (2.32)
  2. Dashing White Sergeant: Isle of Skye / Deil Stick da Minister / Mary Paterson Fae Anfield House / Derek’s Wonky Keyboard (2.12)
  3. Dashing White Sergeant: Duke of Perth / Dancing Feet / The Congress Reel / Dick Gossop (2.12)
  4. St Bernard’s Waltz: The Rosebud By My Early Walk / Ye Banks and Braes / Ca The Yowes / My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose (3.07)
  5. Strip the Willow: Ian’s Wedding / Margorie Lowe / The Three Sisters of Glencoe / Ian Donaldson’s Exercise (4.06)
  6. Slow Waltz: The Whistling Ferryman (4.03)
  7. Military Two-Step: Sandy Manson (2.48)
  8. Broun’s Reel: Flowers o Edinburgh / Hotchkiss Hotchpotch / Luggin the Box / Chris Worral (2.12)
  9. Gay Gordons: The Wee Highland Laddie / Bonnie Ann (2.38)
  10. Houlihan’s Jig: Oh As I Was Kissed Yestreen / The Glasgow Gaelic Club / My Wife’s a Winsome Wee Thing / The No.10 Shovel (4.17)
  11. Dashing White Sergeant: The Linen Gap / Roddie Ross of Brora / Kirsty Meggan’s Reel / Ex Dug (3.20)
  12. Pride of Erin Waltz: Homes of Donegal / Old Skibbereen / Mary From Dungloe / The Green Glens of Antrim (3.00)
  13. Canadian Barn Dance: Captain Carswell / The Conundrum (3.15)
  14. Slow Waltz: The Mist Covered Mountains (1.57)
  15. Virginia Reel: Sleepy Maggie / Sandy Duff / The Ale Is Dear / Andy Renwick’s Ferret / Sleepy Maggie / Sandy Duff (3.40)
  16. A Farewell Kick: Auld Lang Syne / High Road to Linton (1.40)

All tracks trad. except
Track 1a J. Barnes;
Tracks 2cd, 6, 10d, 11cd Michael Philip;
Track 3b George Stewart MacLennan;
Track 5a Robert Mathieson;
Track 5b George Grant;
Track 5c Iain Lawrie;
Track 5d M. Gray;
Track 7 Robert Ross;
Track 8b Willie McGuire;
Track 8c Neil Barron;
Track 8d George Meikle;
Track 9a trad. & Donald MacLeod;
Track 11b John Mackay;
Track 13a PM Willie Lawrie;
Track 13b Peter R. MacLeod;
Track 14 trad. & Paul Clancy;
Track 15d Gordon Duncan