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Music of Makran

Music of Makran (Topic TSCD916)

Music of Makran
Traditional Fusion from Coastal Balochistan

Topic Records TSCD916 (CD, UK, 2000)

Recordings, notes and photographs by Anderson Bakewell

The remote coastal area of Balochistan called Makran is the setting for a fusion of musical cultures from the Middle East, Indo/Pakistan and Africa, which have developed over centuries into a tradition of great intensity and beauty. Containing vocal and instrumental genres which demonstrate a high level of musicianship and improvisational artistry, much of this selection is drawn from the repertoire performed during healing ceremonies, music specifically devised to create suitable conditions for a state of trance. As such it makes demands upon a listener, whose full appreciation of its subtlety depends upon adopting another “way of listening”, but whose efforts will be highly rewarded.


Abdul Ghapur: suroz; Gul Mohammad: damburag; Yusup Koshkalat: dukkur, chinchir. Recorded in Karachi [1, 6]
Peroz Sajjadi: donali; Rahmat: damburag. Recorded in Gwadar [2, 7, 11]
Abdullah Amin: suroz; Muhammad Amin: damburag. Recorded in Pishukan [3, 10]
Sardaro: suroz; Alidad: damburag. Recorded in Pasni [4, 8, 12]
Walidad: bansari. Recorded in Panjgur [5]
Sharruk: vocal; Osman: benjo, dukkur, chinchir. Recorded in Jiwani [9, 13]


  1. Sheki saz (6.28)
  2. Gwati saz (4.21)
  3. Lilo (3.17)
  4. Sot / sheyrwandi / gwati saz (5.50)
  5. Zahirok (2.30)
  6. Zahirok (8.00)
  7. Bagej saz / simorgey saz (5.25)
  8. Sheriti saz (6.28)
  9. Zahirok / sot (5.25)
  10. Gwati saz / sot (8.27)
  11. Shwanagi saz (2.58)
  12. Zahirok (4.09)
  13. Nach saz (2.58)