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Natalie Withers: Simple Perfect

Natalie Withers: Simple Perfect (Rough Cut Buddha)

Simple Perfect
Natalie Withers

Rough Cut Buddha Music, no record number shown (CD, USA, 2002)

Produced by Natalie Withers and George Coyne at Parrot Tracks Studio, Manchaca, Texas, 2002;
Digitally mixed, mastered and engineered by George Coyne;
Painting of Rocks by Elizabeth Moose


Natalie Withers, guitar, vocals;
Teri Cote, drums;
George Coyne, guitar, high string guitar, percussion;
James Fenner, Jr., percussion;
Jamie Hilboldt, keyboards;
Lannie Hilboldt, bass;
Bob Overton, electric and acoustic guitars;
Cindy Pitts, backing vocals;
George Reiff, bass;
Leigh Wise, backing vocals


All songs written by Natalie Withers unless otherwise indicated

  1. Simple / Perfect (5.11)
  2. Sunset of Gold [Don Mescall] (5.22)
  3. Ruminations [Rumi and Natalie] (6.25)
  4. Columbus [Noel Brazil] (5.05)
  5. Silver Road [Libby Kirkpatrick] (5.02)
  6. Thirteenth Man (4.53)
  7. Pray to Win (3.44)
  8. Mr Moon [LJ Booth] (4.00)
  9. By the Roadside [Adrienne Jones] (4.45)
  10. Listen (4.09)
  11. Who Knows Where the Time Goes [Sandy Denny] (4.25)
  12. Instrumental Jam (Set You Free) (3.58)