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Newport Broadside

Newport Broadside (Vanguard VCD 77003)

Newport Broadside
Topical Songs at the Newport Folk Festival 1963
Various Artists

Vanguard Records VRS 9144/VSD 79144 (mono/stereo LP, USA, 1964)
Vanguard Records VCD 77003 (CD, USA, 1995)

Recorded live at the Newport Folk Festival, 1963;
All photos by Dave Gahr


Side 1

  1. Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger: Playboys and Playgirls [Bob Dylan] (3.18)
  2. Tom Paxton: The Willing Conscript [Tom Paxton] (2.25)
  3. Tom Paxton: My Ramblin’ Boy [Tom Paxton] (3.53)
  4. Sam Hinton: Talking Atomic Blues [Vernon Patlaw, Irving Bibo] (2.40)
  5. Bob Davenport: Come All Ye Gallant Drivers [Ewan MacColl] (1.50)
  6. The Freedom Singers: Fighting for My Rights (1.27)
  7. The Freedom Singers: I Love Your Dog, I Love My Dog (2.29)
  8. The Freedom Singers: Get on Board, Little Children (1.17)

Side 2

  1. Jim Garland: I Don’t Want Your Millions, Mister [Jim Garland] (2.27)
  2. Jim Garland: The Ballad of Harry Simms [Jim Garland] (2.29)
  3. Ed McCurdy: Where Did You Come From? [Ed McCurdy] (1.38)
  4. Phil Ochs: Ballad of Medgar Evers [Phil Ochs, Bob Gibson] (2.38)
  5. Phil Ochs: Talking Birmingham Jam [Phil Ochs] (3.00)
  6. Peter La Farge: Coyote, My Little Brother [Peter La Farge] (2.50)
  7. Joan Baez and Bob Dylan: With God on Our Side [Bob Dylan] (6.00)