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Nicholas Driver: Bare Bones

Nicholas Driver: Bare Bones (Greenwich Village GVR 202)

Bare Bones
The Traditional Art of Bones Playing
Nicholas Driver

Greenwich Village Records GVR 202 (LP, UK, 1978)

Produced by Joe Stead;
Recorded by Alan Green at Mid Wales Sound Studios, Castle Caereinion, in May 1978;
Mastered by Tony Bridge at Pye Records;
Cover photograph by Eric J. Palmer, Buttermarket Studio, Ipswich;
Sleeve design by Mike Walsh


Nicholas Driver: whale bones, rosewood bones, 18" goatskin bodhrán;
Charlie Harris: Paolo Soprani C and D four bank melodeon, of the late 1920s, Generation D whistle;
William Molan: Hohner D and G Vienna melodeon, nylon strung guitar, plywood topped 12" tambourine played with the feet


Side 1

  1. The Rakes of Mallow polka (1.35)
  2. The Ewe / The Earl’s Chair reels (3.00)
  3. The Boys of Wexford march (2.00)
  4. The Rollicking Boys Around Tandaragee (Roud 3106) (1.45)
  5. Cork Hornpipe hornpipe (2.30)
  6. Limerick Slides slides (1.55)
  7. The Wearing of the Britches (Roud 1588) (2.00)
  8. My Love Is in America / Pigeon on the Gate reels (3.00)
  9. Tramps and Hawkers walz (2.30)

Side 2

  1. Charlie Chaplin polka (1.35)
  2. The Musical Priest / Sailor on the Rock / The Union reels (3.55)
  3. Navvy on the Line hornpipe (1.30)
  4. Maggie in the Wood / Tralee Jail polkas (3.15)
  5. Four Hand Reel polka (1.45)
  6. Delahunty’s Hornpipe hornpipe (2.45)
  7. The Girl I Left Behind Me polka (2.10)
  8. The Sporting Races of Galway (Roud 3031) (2.30)

All tracks trad. arr. Nicholas Driver

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