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Norman Paterson: Torn

Norman Paterson: Torn (Norman Paterson NP2023CD)

Norman Paterson

Norman Paterson NP2023CD (CD, UK, 21 July 2023)

Produced, recorded and mixed by Angus Lyon at Gran’s House Studio;
Mastered by Chris Watie at Gran’s House Studio;
Cover painting by Heather Afrin;
Design by Calum Hadden at Birnam CD

Folking.com review by Mike Davies


Norman Paterson: guitar, vocals;
Anna Massie: guitar, mandolin, banjo;
Angus Lyon: keyboard, accordion;
Allan Train: pedal steel guitar;
Susy Wall, Findlay Napier: backing vocals


  1. The Pier (1.28)
  2. GB94R2300190 - Torn (2.54)
  3. Two Rivers (3.02)
  4. The Heart of the Hebrides (4.46)
  5. Tender (2.19)
  6. Silver Locket and a Key (4.17)
  7. The Tree that Bends (2.42)
  8. The Alchemists (2.50)
  9. Tides They Turn (2.53)
  10. Mary Ann (2.57)
  11. When the Yellow’s on the Broom (3.12)
  12. The Healing Will Begin (2.20)
  13. Accident or Design (3.12)
  14. Suilisgeir (1.29)

All tracks written by Norman Paterson


Norman Paterson sings The Healing Will Begin: