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Northumbrian Folk

Northumbrian Folk (BBC REC 118S)

BBC’s Folk on 2 presents
Northumbrian Folk
Various Artists

BBC Records REC 118S (LP, UK, 1971)

Recorded in London and at Seaton Delaval Hall, Northumberland;
Producer: Frances Line;
Editor: Jim Lloyd;
Sleeve design: Andrew Prewett


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Side 1

  1. The Monkseaton Morris Men: The North Walbottle Rapper Sword Dance
  2. (a) Dennis Oselton and Archie Bertram: Morpeth Rant
    (b) Archie Bertram: A Border Shepherd
    (c) Bob Davenport and the Marsden Rattlers: The College Valley Hunt
  3. The Washington Greys: Bobby Shaftoe (Roud 1359) / Cushie Butterfield (Roud 3504)
  4. The Marsden Rattlers: The Lambton Worm (Roud 2337)
  5. Colin Ross: Chevy Chase (Roud 223; Child 162)
  6. (a) Anne Norman: Blow the Wind Southernly
    (b) Bob Davenport: Sea Lore
    (c) Mrs. Kate White: The Story of Grace Darling (Roud 1441)
    (d) Bob Davenport: My Bonnie Lad (Roud 204)
    (e) Anne Norman: The Keel Row (Roud 3059)

Side 2

  1. The Edith Adamson Carillon: The Keel Row (Roud 3059)
  2. Scott Dobson: Hadrian’s Wall
  3. Bob Davenport and the Marsden Rattlers: Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinnie (Roud 6862)
  4. (a) John Elliott: The Durham Miners’ Gala
    (b) The Elliotts of Birtley: In the Bar Room
  5. Anne Norman: Waters of the Tyne (Roud 1364)
  6. The Marsden Rattlers: Wor Nannie’s a Mazor (Roud 21895)
  7. Johnson Ellwood: Dan Leno’s Hornpipe
  8. Bob Davenport and the Marsden Rattlers: The Blaydon Races (Roud 3511)