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Northumbrian Folk

Northumbrian Folk (BBC REC 118S)

BBC's Folk on 2 presents
Northumbrian Folk
Various Artists

BBC Records REC 118S (LP, UK, 1971)

Recorded in London and at Seaton Delaval Hall, Northumberland;
Producer: Frances Line;
Editor: Jim Lloyd;
Sleeve design: Andrew Prewett


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Side 1Side 2
  1. The North Walbottle Rapper Sword Dance
    The Monkseaton Morris Men
  2. (a) Morpeth Rant
    Dennis Oselton and Archie Bertram
    (b) A Border Shepherd
    Archie Bertram
    (c) The College Valley Hunt
    Bob Davenport and the Marsden Rattlers
  3. Bobby Shaftoe (Roud 1359) / Cushie Butterfield (Roud 3504)
    The Washington Greys
  4. The Lambton Worm (Roud 2337)
    The Marsden Rattlers
  5. Chevy Chase (Roud 223; Child 162)
    Colin Ross
  6. (a) Blow the Wind Southernly
    Anne Norman
    (b) Sea Lore
    Bob Davenport
    (c) The Story of Grace Darling (Roud 1441)
    Mrs. Kate White
    (d) My Bonnie Lad (Roud 204)
    Bob Davenport
    (e) The Keel Row (Roud 3059)
    Anne Norman
  1. The Keel Row (Roud 3059)
    The Edith Adamson Carillon
  2. Hadrian's Wall
    Scott Dobson
  3. Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinnie (Roud 6882; Henry H538)
    Bob Davenport and the Marsden Rattlers
  4. (a) The Durham Miners' Gala
    John Elliott
    (b) In the Bar Room
    The Elliotts of Birtley
  5. Waters of the Tyne (Roud 1364)
    Anne Norman
  6. Wor Nannie's a Mazor (Roud 21895)
    The Marsden Rattlers
  7. Dan Leno's Hornpipe
    Johnson Ellwood
  8. The Blaydon Races (Roud 3511)
    Bob Davenport and the Marsden Rattlers