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The Green Branch

Oisín Mac Diarmada: The Green Branch (Musical Ireland CPCD004)

The Green Branch (An Géagán Glas)
Oisín Mac Diarmada with Samantha Harvey

Musical Ireland CPCD004 (CD, UK, 29 September 2015)

Recorded by Tony O’Flaherty at Sonas Recording;
Additional sound recording (dance) by Ciarán Byrne at Cauldron Studios;
Mastered by Tim Martin at Longbeard Sound;
Photography by Brian Farrell;
Additional photography by Jimmy Kilgallen;
Design by Robert Hakalski, VM Design


Oisín Mac Diarmada, fiddle;
Samantha Harvey, piano, dance [6]


  1. Jackie Coleman’s / Mayor Harrison’s Fedora reels (3.32)
  2. Mixing the Punch / Both Meat and Drink jigs (3.51)
  3. The Avonmore / All Hands Around reels (3.36)
  4. Twilight in Portroe / The Mountain Road reels (3.28)
  5. The Drunken Gauger set dance / McGreevy’s reel (3.48)
  6. Veronica McNamara’s barn dance / The Professor / Charlie Dolan’s reels (3.43)
  7. The Connachtman / Emmet the Piper jigs (3.28)
  8. David’s Dream / The Reel of Mullinavat reels (3.26)
  9. The Ace and Deuce of Piping set dance / Sarah Kelly’s reels (4.47)
  10. The Maids of Hollywell / The Thirteen Arches reels (3.25)
  11. Captain O’Neill / Eddie Kelly’s / The Green Branch reels (3.34)
  12. Bright May Morning / Fowler on the Moor (3.44)
  13. Céad Bliain ag Fás / The Salthill Hornpipe hornpipes (3.13)
  14. Miss Monaghan / Vincent Harrison’s / The Woman of the House reels (3.15)

Al tracks trad. except
Track 1a Jackie Coleman;
Track 2b Ed Reavy;
Track 4a Seán Ryan;
Track 4b Michael Gorman;
Track 5b Johnny McGreevy;
Tracks 6abc, 13a Oisín Mac Diarmada;
Tracks 7b, 13b, 14b Charlie Lennon;
Track 9b James Kelly;
Track 10b Séamus Connolly;
Track 11b Eddie Kelly

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