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Pass the Jug Round

Pass the Jug Round (Reynard RR002)

Pass the Jug Round
Traditional Songs and Music From Cumberland recorded in the 1950s
Various Artists

Reynard Records RR002 (LP, UK, 1982)
Veteran VT142CD (CD, UK, 2001)

Pass the Jug Round (Veteran VT142CD)

Original recordings made by Jack Little at the Crown and Thistle, Rockcliffe, and the Plough Inn, Wreay, in August to October 1953.
Transferred from original acetates by Bernard Whitty in 1982;
LP cover photo: John Peel bi-centenary celebrations, Caldbeck, 1954. Reproduced with permission from Hardman Collection, Abbot Hall Art Gallery and Museum, Kendal, Cumbria;
LP sleeve notes and design by Sue Mycock;
Remastered for CD by Paul Marsh in 2001;
CD notes by Sue Allan;
CD design by John Howson

Notes on the Veteran website


Robert Forrester: vocals, mouth organ;
Norman Alford: tin whistle;
Mickey Moscrop, Tom ‘Copper’ Brodie, Joe Thompson, Jim Nixon, Harvey Nicholson, Watty Graham: melodeon;
Len Irving, Jim Matthews: vocals


Side 1

  1. Mickey Moscrop: Pass the Jug Round (Roud 1860) (2.08)
  2. Tom Brodie: The Birds Upon the Tree (Roud 1863) (4.13)
  3. Joe Thompson: The Horn of the Hunter (Roud 1859) (3.17)
  4. Robert Forrester mouth organ & Norman Alford whistle: Cumberland Waltz (3.19)
  5. Robert Forrester: Copshawholme Fair (Roud 9139) (3.38)
  6. Joe Thompson: The Welton Hunt (Roud 1864) (3.40)
  7. Jim Nixon: The Keach in the Creel (Roud 120; Child 281; G/D 2:317; Henry H201) (3.47)

Side 2

  1. Harvey Nicholson: The Copshawholme Butcher (Roud 167; G/D 7:1466) (3.35)
  2. Joe Thompson: Joe Bowman (Roud 1858) (3.32)
  3. Watty Graham melodeon: Story in Longtown dialect / Cumberland Reel (3.50)
  4. Len Irving: The Lish Young Buy-a-Broom (Roud 1865) (4.07)
  5. Jim Matthews: My Uncle Pete (Roud 1866) (1.27)
  6. Robert Forrester: Corby Castle (Roud 1867) (3.56)
  7. Mickey Moscrop: John Peel (Roud 1239) (2.31)