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The Varaflames: Throwing Shapes

The Varaflames: Throwing Shapes (River RIVERCD042)

Throwing Shapes
The Varaflames

Neon Records NEONCD001 (CD, UK, 2000)
River Records RIVERCD042 (CD, UK, 2004)

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Produced by Geoff Allan, Stephanie Pordage, Robin Rankin, Fraser Speirs;
Recorded at CaVa Sound Workshops, Glasgow, in May 1995 and 2000


Rab Noakes: electric and acoustic guitar, lead and backing vocals;
Rod Clements: electric and acoustic guitar, dobro, mandolin, bass guitar;
Fraser Speirs: harmonicas, percussion;
Pick Withers: drums, percussion

Gill Bowman, Karine Polwart, Chris Thow: backing vocals;
Hilary Brooks: Hammond organ, keyboards;
Colin Macfarlane: electric guitar, dobro, slide guitar, backing vocals;
Ewen Vernal: double bass


  1. If These Shoes Could Talk (4.03)
  2. Branch (2.45)
  3. Learning the Game (2.56)
  4. Donegal Diamond (2.30)
  5. Time to Let It Go (3.55)
  6. Blues Around Me Now (4.11)
  7. When I Go (2.19)
  8. Somebody Counts on Me (3.58)
  9. Restless (2.56)
  10. No One Answered (4.19)
  11. Lonely Boy Tonight (4.02)
  12. Spin (3.27)
  13. Secret Love (4.45)
  14. Supposed to Be (3.21)

All tracks written by Rab Noakes except
Track 3 Buddy Holly;
Track 10 Rab Noakes, Stephanie Pordage;
Track 13 Paul Francis Webster, Sammy Fain

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Rab Noakes: Welcome to Anniversaryville

Rab Noakes: Welcome to Anniversaryville (Neon NEONCD021)

Welcome to Anniversaryville
Rab Noakes (13.05.1947-11.11.2022)

Neon Records NEONCD021 (CD, UK, 13 July 2018)

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Produced by John Cavanagh and Stephy Pordage;
Mastered by Paul Savage at Chem19;
Cover painting by Celie Byrne;
Design and typesetting by Ricky Lamb


Rab Noakes: guitar, handclaps, vocals;
Stuart Brown: drums;
Christine Hanson: cello;
Jill Jackson: guitar, harmonica, vocals;
Kathleen MacInnes: vocals;
Una McClone: double bass;
Lisbee Stainton: eight-string guitar, banjo, vocals;
Innes Watson: guitar, fiddle, vocals

Davie Craig: fiddle, vocals;
Alex Gascoine: violin;
Sue McKenzie: baritone and soprano saxophone;
Emily Tse: bass trombone


  1. Let the Show Begin (3.57)
  2. It All Joins Up (in the End) (3.15)
  3. Together Forever (3.32)
  4. Gently Does It (4.14)
  5. Oh Me, Oh My (3.50)
  6. Just One Look (3.28)
  7. TCB (Working Man and Working Woman) (3.28)
  8. The Handwash Feein’ Mairket (3.18)
  9. Long Black Veil (3.44)
  10. The Twa Corbies (Roud 5; Child 26) / An Dà Fheannaig (4.31)
  11. Tramps and Immigrants: Tramps and Hawkers (Roud 1874; G/D 3:487) / I Pity the Poor Immigrant (4.19)
  12. Still in Town (3.03)
  13. A Voice Over my Shoulder (3.58)
  14. Jackson Greyhound (3.14)
  15. London Town (4.05)
  16. Anniversary Song (3.42)
  17. Tennessee Waltz (4.30)

All tracks written by Rab Noakes except
Track 5 Rab Noakes, Stephy Pordage;
Track 6 Doris Troy, Gregory Carroll;
Track 9 Marijohn Wilkin, Danny Dill;
Tracks 10, 11a trad;
Track 17 Pee Wee King

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