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The Young May Moon

Ram’s Bottom: The Young May Moon (Traditional Sound TSR 038)

The Young May Moon
Ram’s Bottom

Traditional Sound Recordings TSR 038 (LP, UK, 1981)

Recorded and produced by Brian Horsfall;
Sleeve design by Rick Scollins;
Photo by Dave Taylor


Keith Kendrick: vocals, Anglo & English concertinas;
Barry Coope: vocals, one-row & two-row melodeons, percussion, bowed psaltery;
Ron Cossor: cello, vocals;
Trevor Hopkins: banjo, vocals;
Ian Carter: vocals, baritone saxophone, piano, hammered dulcimer, xylophone, plucked psaltery;
Rick Scollins: vocals, percussion

with thanks to:
John Adams: trombone, harmonium;
Chris Pollington: triangle


Side 1

  1. The Old 95th / The Young May Moon (2.29)
  2. The Trombone Song / The Mountain Rose
  3. The Moon Shines Bright (Roud 702) (1.55)
  4. The Golden Valley Two-Step / Ton o’ Ewes / Ernie Dunn
  5. The Deadly Wars / General Monk’s Goose-Step (2.37)
  6. Tip o’ Derwent

Side 2

  1. Ey Up Mi Duck
  2. Brass Nuts / Blue-eyed Stranger
  3. Nowell, Nowell (Roud 682) (4.12)
  4. Pappadum Polka / March Blue Beard
  5. A Man That’s Growing Old
  6. Charlie Sparrer’s Marrer

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 8-10 trad.;
Tracks 2a, 4c anon.;
Track 2b E. Bogetti;
Track 3a Keith Kendrick;
Tracks 3b, 7 Ian Carter;
Track 6 Gerald Short;
Track 11 John Bloor / Ian Carter;
Track 12 Frank Sutton

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