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Richard Grainger: Herbs on the Heart

Richard Grainger: Herbs on the Heart (Fellside FE038)

Herbs on the Heart
Richard Grainger

Fellside Recordings FE038 (LP, UK, 1984)

Recorded in January 1984;
Recorded and produced by Paul Adams;
Sleeve notes by Richard Grainger;
Photography by Peter D. Grainger;
Sleeve layout by Mary Blood


Richard Grainger: acoustic and electric guitar, vocals;
Linda Adams: banjo, harmony vocals;
Mike Breese: melodeon;
Paul Witty: violas;
Paul Adams: percussion


Side 1

  1. Whitby Whaler
  2. Princess to a Beggarman
  3. Death of Nelson (Roud 18837)
  4. Weaver and the Factory Maid (Roud 17771)
  5. The Isles of Shetland

Side 2

  1. Teesside & Yorkshire
  2. The Faithful Sailor Boy (Roud 376; Laws K13; G/D 1:66; Henry H543)
  3. Everytime
  4. Willie O’Reilly (Roud 714; Laws N38; G/D 5:1033; Henry H76)
  5. Days at the End

Tracks 1-2, 5-6, 8, 10 Richard Grainger;
Track 3 trad. / Richard Grainger;
Tracks 4, 7, 9 trad.

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