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RM Hubbert: Telling the Trees

RM Hubbert: Telling the Trees (Chemical Underground CHEM238CD)

Telling the Trees
RM Hubbert

Chemical Underground CHEM238CD (CD, UK, April 29. 2016)

Recorded by Jamie Savage and Paul Savage at Chem19, Jim Eno at Public Hi-Fi, Sarah J. Stanley at Stan’s Studio, and various other places by Barry Burns, Rachel Grimes, Anneke Kampman, and Annelise Mackintosh;
Produced, mixed and mastered by Paul Savage at Chem19;
Front and back cover photographs by Lucus J Photography;
Inner sleeve and label photographs by Kirsty Stronach


RM Hubbert, the artists shown in the tracklist, and Barry Burns and Jim Eno on [11].


  1. The Dinosaur Where We Fell in Love (w/ Annelise Mackintosh) (3.39)
  2. Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror (w/ Anneke Kampman) (4.25)
  3. In Accordia (w/ Rachel Grimes) (4.10)
  4. I Can Hold You Back (w/ Kathryn Williams) (5.36)
  5. Sweet Dreams (w/ Marnie) (3.55)
  6. The Dog (w/ Kathryn Joseph) (3.41)
  7. The Unravelling Truth (w/ Martha Ffion) (4.12)
  8. Probably Will / Probably Do (w/ Sarah J. Stanley) (4.29)
  9. KAS (w/ Aby Vulliamy) (2.57)
  10. Yew Tree (w/ Karine Polwart) (4.34)
  11. Chelsea Midnight (w/ Eleanor Friedberger) (2.52)

Al tracks written by RM Hubbert