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Ruth Angell: Hlywing

Ruth Angell: Hlywing (Talking Elephant TECD484)

Hlywing (Shelter, refuge)
Ruth Angell

Talking Elephant TECD484 (CD, UK, 3 February 2023)

Produced and arranged by Sid Peacock;
Recorded and mixed by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, Coldfield;
Grand piano recorded by Oliver Sansom at Sansom Studios, Birmingham;
Mastered by Metropolis Studios, London;
Photography and film by Simon Peter King

Folking.com review by Tony Birch


Ruth Angell: vocals, guitar, solo violin, violin [1-2, 4, 7-8];
Becky Mills: acoustic guitar [5-6], backing vocals [2, 5-6];
Sid Peacock: acoustic guitar [5-6];
Tony Kelsey: electric guitar [3, 6-7, 9], baritone guitar [3];
Ryan Trabilcock: double bass [1-4, 6-7, 10], electric bass [1];
Jason Huxtable: drums [6-7, 9], percussion [2];
Ray Prince: drums [2];
Tymek Jozwiak: drums [1, 3-4], percussion [3];
Spencer Cozens: synthesisers [1-3, 7], keyboards [1];
Steve Tromans: electric piano [2], piano keyboard [7], grand piano [8, 10], organ [10];
Aria Trigas: violin [1-2, 4, 7-8];
Lauren Mather: viola [2, 7-8];
Sarah Farmer: viola, solo viola [1, 4];
Emma Capp: cello [1-2, 4, 7-8]


  1. Castle on the Hill (4.23)
  2. The Boathouse (3.58)
  3. Little Boy Blue (4.25)
  4. Shipyard Fairy (2.52)
  5. Little Bird (2.42)
  6. Treasure (2.37)
  7. Magdalene Laundries (3.49)
  8. No Roses (4.26)
  9. Three Stags’ (3.25)
  10. In the Vale of Contemplation (2.57)

All tracks written by Ruth Angell except
Track 7 Joni Mitchell;
Track 8 Christina Rossetti


Ruth Angell sings Castle on the Hill:

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